Why buy your sod from Uhl Turf?

Uhl Turf is the oldest sod grower in the Southern Indiana area. We are a family owned, local business and offer excellent service whether you need 2 or 3 yards of sod or 75,000 yards. With over 60 years of serving the Southern Indiana and Louisville areas we have become one of the most trusted and best resources for homeowners and commercial clients. We’ll always take the time to answer your questions.
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60 years
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Our "roots"

In 1959, fresh out of the army, Jude Uhl started Uhl Seeding & Sodding with $200 and a borrowed truck. In '64 he purchased his first farm and began growing sod. In 1986, his oldest son, Jeff, took over the business and renamed it Uhl Turf Nursery, Inc. to better reflect the "sod only" direction of the business. Over the years, our goals have remained simple and consistent: Provide the best possible sod & service with all the honest advice and friendly support for your successful project.

Fescue Blends and HGT High Performance Bluegrass

Uhl Turf grows both fescue and HGT sports sod. We have developed blends that work well in the Southern Indiana and Louisville areas. When you contact us, we’ll ask a few questions to determine which is best for your needs. We specialize in Fescue and HGT (Healthy Grass Technology) sod. We have developed custom blends over the years and know what works well in our area. Click here to read more about HGT Bluegrass and Fescue blends.

You can have our sod installed, we can deliver it for you to install, or you can pick it up (we’ll load it for you) at one of our fields. It is always cut fresh and we are always here to answer your questions.

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Recent Projects

sod for a new home
fescue for a new home
Sod looks great 11 days after a commercial installation
Sod delivered and ready for installation

From a Happy Customer

I cannot explain how much we appreciated the service and quality of sod that we received from Jeff Uhl. We have laid sod in other areas of our property before and we have not had near the quality of material as we do now with Uhl Turf. It doesn't compare. After seeing the sod from Uhl Turf, I was a little embarassed for Jeff to see our previous yard. We were not quite finished with our construction project in time for winter, so we laid part of the sod in the fall. We just finished our construction this spring and called Jeff to finish up. Jeff and his crew has a 'We Can Make it Happen' attitude, and they lived up to it! I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you need sod, call Uhl Turf!!

L. Conder

Over the Years

Uhl Turf Cutting Sod
Finally! The Uhl's went high tech and were no longer hand rolling sod. It was a family affair (including the dog) 1976.
Uhl Turf Harvesting Sod
A few years later, in 1983, the first truck Jude purchased in 1963 was fully loaded and ready for a delivery
Uhl Turf Sod Loading truck
Our truck is loaded in the field and ready for a delivery.
Uhl Turf Harvesting Sod Automatically
Harvesting has come a long way since my dad started the business and we hand rolled each strip.